Rajwadi Chevdo - (400gms)

Rajwadi Chevdo - (400gms)

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A delicious snack mix from Vadodara’s most popular namkeens and snacks-savouries brand, Jagdish Farsan.
This famous Rajwadi Mix is a chevdo with a delicious combination of spices with Bengal Gram and Corn Flakes. It's light, flaky and crunch texture will make it hard to resist after grabbing a handful.
Prepared using the finest of ingredients in the state of the art manufacturing set up of this iconic Gujarati namkeen brand, this namkeen mix is a must try for all those who like their teatime snack slightly spicy.


Bengal Gram
Iodized Salt
Red Chilly Powder
Turmeric Posder
Sugar, Anseeds
Edible Vegetable Oil
Corn Flakes
Rock Salt
Garam Masala
Dried Mango Powder
Curry Leaves

Bengal Gram

Iodized Salt

Red Chili Powder

Turmeric Powder



Edible Oil

Potato Slices

Dry Grapes

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