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Product Code: JF077561

MIX CHAVANU       Mix Chavanu is a spicy mixture with a variety of ingredients such as corn flakes, rice flakes, lentils and peanuts. A ready to eat snack that leaves your taste buds craving for more, this can be consumed either as an individual snack or as a part of any meal. The tangy crunchy taste is sure to be liked by kids as well as their after school snack or even a breakfast box snack.

Bengal Gram, Refined Palmolien Oil, Iodized Salt, Black Pepper,Fennel Seeds,Sesame Seeds,Sodium Bicarbonate,Red Chilly Powder,Carom Seed,Whole Coriander Seeds,Sugar,Citric Acid,Turmaric Powder,Black Salt,Carom Seed,Rice Puff,Cinnamon Powder,Raisin.