Bikaneri Sev
Bikaneri Sev

Bikaneri Sev

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  • Savory Spiced Sev: A flavorful snack made with a blend of traditional ingredients.
  • Texture: Crispy and crunchy, with a satisfying bite.
  • Preparation: A dough is formed by combining gram flour, moth flour, spices, and salt, with black pepper and red chili adding a kick of heat and flavor. The dough is then extruded through a sev maker or piping bag.
  • Taste: A harmonious blend of savory spices, enhanced by the warmth of black pepper and the heat of red chili, balanced with a touch of saltiness.
  • Serving: Perfect for snacking on its own or as a zesty topping for chaats.

Black Pepper, edible palm Oil, Gram Flour, Moth Flour, Red chilli, spices, Salt.

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