Nylon Gathiya
Nylon Gathiya

Nylon Gathiya

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  • Nylon Gathiya: A classic Indian snack renowned for its delicate and crispy texture.
  • Ingredients: Typically made from gram flour (besan), spices, and oil for frying.
  • Preparation: The dough is prepared with gram flour and spices, then extruded through a fine sev maker to create thin strands.
  • Taste: Savory and mildly spiced, making it a snack enjoyed by many.
  • Serving: Enjoyed on its own as a snack or paired with chutneys or sauces for added flavor.

Chickpea Flour, Edible Refined Palmolein Oil, Iodized Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carom Seeds, Asafoetida

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2 Months